Book Review: Devil In The Grass by Christopher Bowron



Book: Devil in the Grass 

Author: Christopher Bowron 

Rating: 4 / 5, Probably need professional counseling after reading this 🙂 



Curious for more about this book/summary:  Press Me


Quotes:  Only a dose though…you have to read the book. It’s worth it. 

“Family is bigger than the individual.”

“I’m not gonna take up with the Lord just to get into your pants.”

“If these were dead people, you’d still have ’em gutted, and hung up. To me that’s bein’ a  sick b@stard.”

My Thoughts:

Gosh, this is a very chilling read…characters, such as Isaac McFadden, are truly disturbing.  Although, I almost decided not to read this book due to the mentioning of a “cult”. Lo and Behold, glad that I took the time to get lost in these pages. The writing is magnificent, and humorous at times.

Devil in the Grass is a well-developed plot with gripping, eery characters that prance around unapologetically in sadistic behavior. Someone, please pass me the communion wine and bread because I feel unclean. HA!

This thriller begs the question: How far are you willing to go to further, or come out on top, for  your agenda? The plot is sprinkled with traditions, spiritual, political, and family beliefs. Riddle me this batman: Who will survive up until the very end?

Overall, this is a highly recommended read by myself to you. Go get it now and please let me know what you think of it. You will be pacing the floor and yelling at the characters…and probably even ducking and seeking shelter.

There are many unpredictable and emotion-triggering moments which is a win for me. No one likes a predictable book. It dulls the surprises. So, don’t procrastinate. Devil in the Grass is the way to go.

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