Let it pour out 

How does it feel to be…
An open hearted hurricane of analytical thoughts, aborted speeches, and a love that can last even after the world has ended?
How many colors would it take from my internal palette to decorate my external reality of complications? 
Will there ever by a moment of syncing the beautiful nourishment that I daily feast upon with a world that bleeds fear, chaos, and struggle?
How much lead will I need to write a symphony of rainbows in the midst of the pain and brick walls that weigh heavy on those around me?
And is love… *erases*… will love…*erases*…can love …*erases*….how can I feel like the only one unafraid to allow love to pour freely to the spirit led thirsty hearted souls blessed to be on this journey with me?
Are these thoughts and these emotions too much for me to carry?
Why did you reach the end of this moment with me? Thanks for being present.  

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