A moment in my mind


I’m often told I am too analytical…maybe…maybe not…but I’m thinking now…may I share them with you….Here we go..


*Sips Water*

I’ll never apologize for my mind, my actions, and my heart.

My intentions are to bring others up as I rise myself.



*Sips More Water*


We want to be loved but we are afraid of it.

We want to be heard but we don’t listen.

We want to be understood but we lack understanding.

We want everything instantly but we retreat from doing the work.

We want knowledge but refuse to read, research, and ask questions.

We pray but refuse the answers selectively.

We don’t appreciate nor respect time and complain that there is never enough of it.

We ignore the living and want to remember them in death.

We want..We want.. We want…And can’t give without expecting something in return.


*Sips Another Long Plug of Water*


We all reach points when we stop explaining, when we stop accepting, and when we make a decision about what we deserve, what we will tolerate, and what we will experience that fuels the best version of ourselves.


*Shakes cup, hears ice, sips more water*


When it’s what you want/desire (whether professional or personal), you will work hard for it/him/her By Any Means Necessary.

What things are you working for?

What areas won’t you accept excuses for yourself, or others?

The way we navigate demonstrates to ourselves and others the things/people that we value.


*refills cup of water with more water*

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