Bite-size Milestones

*Writing Music: Ugly Part of Me by Avery Sunshine *

*Bonus: Distance by Emily King*


The moon is up, and on duty. This is my usual time for working, chilling, and just acknowledging who I am through gratitude, and love.

Tonight is a work zone night. As I sit here, I got a bit overwhelmed at the many things that are to be completed. This reminded me of the importance..utter necessity to set milestones for myself.

When my energy is low, and brain is churning, I need to work on an assignment that can be accomplished quickly, which gives me a boost.  My sense of accomplishment/productivity is heightened. It’s the priming I needed to get into gear for my other tasks.

So if you are feeling a bit burnt, or overwhelmed at what’s on your plate, take a small accomplished bite. And then another. These smaller portions aid you in the big picture, and keeps the momentum going as you continue to charge ahead.

Hope this helps you…Happy Milestone A$$Kicking 🙂

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