Triggered Thoughts

The Memories that a picture can bring ….

These are my thoughts




Bear it all, and get stepped on. But it doesn’t take away from your beauty, even in the situation. Remember even the bear has gained freedom. 


Sitting in the laundry mat after moving to the big city. Out of Place. Alone. I remember Placing my earbuds in, and letting the music become the comfort and company, even if only for a moment.


Not feeling the direction people usually take. Without trying my compass points every way but that One way.  Thoughts running fast and toward everything.  My way feels the right way to me even though i merge the directions of others. Why does it always appear to be One way down the Wrong way when going My way? 


Been in love with vinyl since before i knew what it was called. Pops and fam jockey the hits. Even today the rotation continues.  Now I can feed this love myself except in measured doses. Upcoming gift to myself: Suitcase style colorful portable record player. Oh that fresh vinyl sound.

heart lock

My heart. Love. The thing I give in ways that people seem foreign to, or conditioned to believe it doesn’t exist. Love is what I’m reserving.  Placed under lock. The energy from pouring so much out without the unrequested return leaves the space needing to recharge.  Love is locked away. 


Maybe one day I can share this place of comfort. Expressed Gratitude with the dawn and the setting. Dual realization that the journey is a choice. In love with the decision. A place of perfection while BEING. 

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