I know this doesn’t rhyme

Some days I sit and pray

seeking clarity, guidance, and comfort

 there are days

when gratitude pours and spills

this heart aches with the love it feels

 love comes on many levels

usually silent

never being afraid to say what i feel when it matters

even as i know growth will come after a shatter

respecting that life and death are constant

neglect is not what i choose to deliver

to those i love

i’ve known days when intuition

rings in my gut

i know self-awareness

when i glance in the mirror

it makes my decisions

clearer and clearer

i’ve driven hours and hours

miles and miles

taken an uncertain risk just to witness a smile

a peace, a moment, an expression of me

at times i wonder

will people make excuses

or will they pursue

what really means the utmost to them

no competition



will they trust themselves enough

to walk holding your hand

as you build a foundation

upon life’s sand

or will there be an excuse

fogs of uncertainty is not what i’m accustomed to

so i make a move to guard my heart

not out of ill intention

but out of understanding

not everyone will take the risk like me

they don’t respect, cherish, or place effort to express it freely

it’s not something they can surrender to

even though it composes me and you

the day-to-day

is a cycle of constantly letting go

from birth to death

love is all that is left

it’s what feeds your memories

and what makes you smile at your adorable seeds

it connects me to you

don’t ignore love

it’s what composes you

although now

i have to numb up

to you

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