Class never lets out

Health and Wellness: Have you ever felt broken because you are naturally analytical?

Optometry: Do you ever feel like you chase mirages?…and just before you grasp the dream…a mouth full of dirt…

English 2: Did you ever want to write instead of argue because it is the most familiar to you?

Psychology:  How many times in a week do you feel misunderstood by those you love?

Sound Engineering:  Ever prayed, and felt like your mic wasn’t turned up all the way? Or is distorted?

Speling:  Ever wanted him to say..I lov..Luv…lub…uh…*gets thesaurus and finds new word*

Music: Am i the only one that felt no pain when the music hit? Yet, the next track fileted my scars…

Final Grade: Not sure if passing, or failing, but I’m doing my best with good intentions.

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