No Supervisor? Press the Panic Button

I write this post because I seem to find humor in situations that I also question.

Yesterday, a great friend of mine, whom happens to be shift supervisor, walked in and quit. A few people looked at me, and stated ” Talk to your friend.” Those who know me, know to expect an honest answer. My response: Well, I just made a fresh batch of coffee. And I hope he takes a fresh cup when he leaves. If he is happy, I am happy.

Salute to my friend who gained an extra dose of happiness yesterday. Woot Woot. I am totally in favor of no longer allowing your skills to be unappreciated, and moving on to more fulfilling living.

However, the culture at work was very..intriguing as I observed what occurred for hours afterwards.

First, people started acting like they were a if their schedule was affected due to his action. REJECTED CLAIM. Next.  Others (“friends”) seemed to make continuous jokes, and demonstrate behavior that really confirmed why I run alone, until someone demonstrates where their loyalty lies, and their values/morals as a lifestyle.

Pause. How often have you been at work, or in an environment where the behavior is negative, and not conducive to growth…but you joined in with the shenanigans because everyone else was doing it…and all for a laugh? TABLE FOR PARTY OF ONE. I do not get down with the okey doke. I don’t join in with the crowd to fit in. But then people think I am too serious sometimes. REJECTED CLAIM. Next.

Anyway, the thing that really spotlighted the moment was when people seemed to panic because they did not have a supervisor. Ummmm. Is this weird only to me? I am a firm believer that if you can govern yourself, why the heck does it matter. I do understand having someone there to guide you, if there are questions, or enlightenment needed on situations. And there is also technology to aid in making contact, or locating these answers. But to feel like you must have a leader in the room….*looks for nearest cliff and jumps into a new world of adventure*.

If you take nothing else from this post (sorry it is a bit negative, I guess), learn how to handle yourself even if there is no one around. Learn how to stand upon your own thinking, decision-making, and actions applied. Always be in a position of learning because you never know when the knowledge will come in handy. Never participate in the things that don’t reflect the person that you matter how cool it may seem at the time. Self-awareness is wealth.

Anyway, thanks for reading my thoughts ….:)

5 thoughts on “No Supervisor? Press the Panic Button

  1. The post isn’t negative at all — the last paragraph is full of tips for a more pro-active approach to life. Been there, done that. People get so absorbed by workplace culture that if anyone dares question it or walk away, it’s a complete shock to them.

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  2. Oh my! So much to learn from this. I could relate to such an environment because I’ve been there before. I admire how you handled it and I would take the advice you gave along with me. God bless you for sharing.

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