Book Review: Sophie by Jennie Sargam


Book: Sophie

Author: Jennie Sargam

Rating: 5/5 Stars, I read this book in a day 

Goodreads SummaryPress Me🙂

Quotes I like from the book…only a few though …

“How can I expect anyone to really love me if they don’t know who I am?” 

“Everything I am and have is a result of what I’ve lost.” 

“Show me how to forgive him, because I never want to love him any less.” 



My Thoughts:

Where do I begin? First off, this is Jennie Sargam’s debut novel. Jennie, if you’re reading this, walk outside and look up. The blimp with “Salute” on it is for you. Well done!!!

Major message in this read: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Sophie is the perfect example of this quote coming to life.  This teen’s goal to graduate is the easy part compared to the responsibilities on her plate. A life without her parents has given her a special love, determination, and iron exterior that many ADULTS haven’t successfully navigated.

Each character has a background that has shaped who they are. Each person understands love, pain, death, absence, complexity, and communication. As you read this, imagine yourself as each character. Try to view the world through their perspectives.  It’s very eye-opening how our internal battles, and agendas can lead to adding more in a person’s life than necessary, although sometimes needed.

I really loved each character but Brooke reallllyyyyy made my nerves grate against one another. And it’s because my personality is very much like Sophie. Read the book to understand what I mean.

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