Gratitude 04.01.16



“Cultivate the habit of being grateful.”

1.Understanding.  Even when he can be my unclassified frustration of wanting to touch, hug, or hear the voice of what is miles away…I am grateful that even though what may come is unforeseeable, right now, he is open to understanding my flaws. I express my gratitude for him, my sunshine. My appreciation runs deep.


2. Opportunity.  I am grateful for a new writing opportunity that bleeds positive rewards, and a recognition of the excellence that lives among us. I am grateful for the team i am blessed to be apart of. I express sincere, curious, and elated gratitude. *cart-wheel*


3. Energy.  The energy that is pushing me on this work shift after only four hours of broken sleep. I have been focused, and productive. Grateful also that these days won’t continue to flow on less than ideal sleep, and the flexibility/income that I need (desire) will be achieved. Grateful for the growth in the transitions.


4. Love. Grateful for the love that flows from self to others, and vice versa. It is powerful. For this, I express my gratitude.


5. Quotes. This quote speaks my feelings, and reassured me that I am not alone in a lifestyle thought, and action. Grateful for the self-awareness to recognize the parts of me in the words of another. “Love is my sword and Truth is my compass.” ~Assata~


At this moment, with these five, I express my Gratitude.

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