What the Frak?


What the Frak?

Listen, This Week…This Week….I don’t smoke but someone has lit a cigarette for me, and assumed a prone position in the middle of traffic…waiting for change.

Anyway, Praises Up that things have improved from painful to peculiar. I’ll take that 🙂

The fun included riding in a vehicle that turned off (radio bailed ship about ten seconds before) while I was still driving it in 3 pm traffic…with my son riding shot…which ended up being a two day incident…but we welcomed a new alternator, battery, and fuse into the family.

It’s mind blowing how that incident released so much in my pent up emotions queue. All Cried Out is not just an Allure song. I remixed it many times. Everything was triggering the floods. Sun shown after it was over though…a couple days later. The Peace that followed led to many written pages, a full tank of Loving feelings, and an increased Faith. *church fan and jig*

Now that the Brokenness has passed for the moment, the peculiar appeared. “Peek-a-boo.” Ready. Here are your phrases, and words to work with…At Work. Kitchen. Baby Snake in Glue Rat Trap. Alive. Metal Pot Lid. Clear Glass Bowl On Top. 6 Hours Later. Snake is still Alive. Coworker states,”I didn’t know what to do with it. It’ll die in a few days.”  If snakes weren’t second on the list of my Go, No Questions Asked list, I would have thrown him in the dumpster. One person suggested burning it in the lot…*walks away and avoids eye contact*.

I can’t make this stuff up. Really, this has become an overused phrase in my life. Still wondering why I did not crank up the Tahoe and demonstrate how fast I can drive in the opposite direction. There’s still time though, huh.

Changing lanes… Oddisee’s new album Alwasta is out. So maybe I will give The Good Fight a break…not happening. Are there any new albums, or old ones that you have in rotation this week? Give me some feel good music recommends.

On yet another note, if you have had a tough week, I am glad you are still going strong at this present moment. Keep your head up, and know the storms are temporary. Even if you don’t want to get your hair wet, there are still umbrellas, and raincoats that allow you to play in the rain while the sun takes a nap. There is support out there to lean on, inspire, and encourage you while you are enduring the darker times. Acknowledge. Accept. Flow to the next stage. I am grateful for the amazing people in my life, including you all. *Dap*

Enjoy your weekend, and upcoming week.


2 thoughts on “What the Frak?”

  1. That’s crazy you have that tattoo!!! #Twinz… And sincerely hope your Martian finally and permanently lands his ship on your special place on Venus soon! 😉

    Soooo, you drive a Tahoe as well??? How’s that to add to you peculiar week!!! Mine is black… 😉

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