Controlled Hair Pulling 

Ever have a day in which you are drained… Feeling broken….bobbing and weaving issues, yet they are still connecting? 

And the one thing you want for comfort isn’t an option. 

Of course, I know this time will pass, and better days are ahead. 

But these days have turned into years. 

I’m still grasping… Still feeling like I arrived at the wrong party andddddd too late .

Pro status achieved at the personal uplifts…. But what if I want to lean on someone else?

What if I only want to be comforted by the one that I love in reality? 

It’s that priceless boost that makes the most hopeless, unoptimistic, tear induced days more bearable and brighter. 

But today, it’s not present. 

Today I haven’t found the solace needed. 

Today Im scraping for the tidbits of strength until I can get in a dark place… And sleep. 

A place that allows temporary comfort of nothingness while my body and mind restores. 

This is why I pep talk myself to take it a day at a time. 

Sometimes a day …. Or a second is all the energy you can muster.

I’m not easily broken…. Just sometimes too emotionally, mentally, and lovingly intuned.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Even if it doesn’t, I’ll do what i can to keep smiling… Or at least appear pieced together.

But for now, I’m gonna have to pull up a song or poetic piece to pour into my pot…
Just needed to type this….controlled release . 

Writing is my way of communicating. The words that cross my lips don’t come easy.

But if I speak them, know they are sincere and my core is overflowing.

At the moment, I’m tired of talking….only the pen can accomplish  the task 

Thanks for allowing me to unload in your moment 

7 thoughts on “Controlled Hair Pulling 

  1. May your night close better than your day! May peace find you as you lay! Hoping the morning sun meets your smiling face; all angst erased! A new day emerges for a Virgo to be earnest. Her words lift, inspiring a nerds’ gifts. They are needed, so therefore… she is!

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  2. Write away, don’t ever keep it holed up inside only does more long term damage. Hopefully the next day was a lot better :), sending out positive Virgo vibes throughout the cyber world for you!

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    1. Yes, the words have been pouring out. Today I feel soooo uplifted, and appreciative of Life. Maybe the last few days of brokenness, and tears were just what I needed to have a fresh Restart. Love is in flow.


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