Rants and Randoms Pt 2

There are times when I have to write about random stuff…or whatever makes me smile….or question where the heck the thoughts are coming from. I clearly have so much (too much) fun by myself.

  • Confusion: There is an “I” and “II” at the top of the newly installed toilet at work. Umm, is it a Roman Toilet? Am I selecting a letter according to which bodily function I decided to give freedom to? Or is “II” the plan b after the “I” didn’t clear the scene? Why in the crap (tehehee) am I making life decisions over the process of letting something go that I hope doesn’t return? What the? Who the? Why the? Solution: Press both because not pressing either is not an option.


  • In case you forgot: One simply doesn’t wear panties just because the rest of the world does. Muhahahahaha.


  • Dear Establishment bearing the time clock,   You do not scare me. Be gone with your futile attempts of digital files of foolery. I laugh in the face of selective treatment. Remember, I chose you to frolic with as I skip joyfully along this path of life. Lest we forget that no limitations are upon me, as I thinketh freely, strategically, and observantly. May your misuse of resources give you comfort upon the chair in which you sit..or may it line the bottom of a restricted wasteland (the trash lol). So Say We All!!


  • Tips for living: Pina Coloda snow cones don’t stain the clothes. Spill at will.


  • Netflix:  You owe me Excedrin Migraine, an apple juice, and comfortable socks because the force of THE STRUGGLE is strong. I mean, House of Cards Season 4 and Daredevil Season 2…Really? Really? Hey, but at least, you did this before Game of Thrones is due to start back. So I guess it’s well played. Played HA!


  • Recommends:
    • Where There’s Smoke Podcast!
    • Love: Let someone know you love, and appreciate them today. Yes, You.
    • Silence. No Tv. No social media. For at least one day this week.
    • Tell a coworker that he/she is doing a great job.
    • Let whatever is stressing you go. You can’t control it all. Free The Worry.
    • Listen to “Til the End of Time” by Timothy Bloom


Wishing you all a wonderful week…an amazing month….and an abundant year.

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