Visiting the Book

Forewarning: This may be a rambling post. No worries though.


I’m still in completion of a rather peculiar, yet at moments very peaceful day, when I should have clearly been stressed, or questioning the words presented to me. However, no worries because flipping out doesn’t change the outcome. Although it’s feeling a bit barren, minus the rich heart and mind, these moments shall pass. These moments will be memories transformed into testimonies to help others along their path. There are things that I will never gain understanding, truth, nor clarity about. Acceptance applied.


At the right time, due to a mental plug provided by Alvernon, The Book of Eli (the movie) provided me even more light upon this interesting day of mine. Thanks Cool Al. 🙂 There is just something uplifting, inspiring, and peaceful about this movie for me. I’ve viewed it several times, and certain parts just stand out. Open Mic Status.


There are many moments of significance but when Eli states “I know what I heard. I know what I hear. And I’m not crazy. And I know I would’ve never made it without help.”  Think about that. When have you so confidently, and blindly walked by faith with the assurance that everything will be okay? When have you progressed on barely getting by (with basic needs met), unable to clearly see anything that seemed immediate…or even remotely close to being in your grasp? Let me tell you. That takes some faith from another realm…a “you don’t have a scale big enough to weigh this” type faith.


Another moment that resonated was when Solara stops while walking with Eli, after almost being raped by the deceptive sand punks with the blind bait chick lead in act. You witness the moment when the previous situation became Clear, Raw, Real, and Overwhelming. Who can relate to this moment? Raises hand (minus the attempted rape). Those moments where the tears are uncontrollable and release so much that has been pent up within you. It’s a surrender to the moment. *deep, long sigh*


Okay, I am wrapping this up because I have written enough for the day. Sike. So another gratifying moment was when I learned Eli memorized the entire book. Carnegie, the silly, chapped lip villain believed he succeeded when snatching the book. Gotta be quicker than that.


My thoughts: What is committed to memory, and engrained within, no man can take it from you. Behold, the power of knowledge.


Hey, and let us not forget when we beheld the power of duct tape, and Eli dropped a gem. “Do for others more than you do for yourself.” Yes, Eli. Yes,  but not neglecting self care. 🙂


Alright, that is all. This was on my mind, so I shared it. Good enough reason, eh.


hold up

One simply doesn’t talk about The Book of Eli without the closing prayer at the end.  I will drop it at the end of the post. Thanks for reading this. Back to your busy lives 🙂


The Prayer / Book of Eli 

Dear Lord

Thank you for giving me strength and conviction

to complete the task you entrusted to me.

Thank you for guiding me straight and true

through the many obstacles in my path.

And for keeping me resolute

when all around me seemed lost.

Thank you for your protection

and for your many signs along the way.

Thank you for any good that I may have done.

I am so sorry about the bad.

Thank you for the friend I made.

Please watch over her as you’ve watched over me.

Thank you for finally allowing me to rest.

I am so very tired.

But I go now to my rest at peace

knowing that I have done right with my time

on this earth.

I fought the good fight.

I finished the race.

I kept the faith.

(Passes out tissues)

7 thoughts on “Visiting the Book

  1. ZodiacTwins activated… Long comment warning/disclaimer: First, to get the randomness out the way, I too love that “Oohh, you gotta be faster than that,” State Farm commercial! Lmao… And immense thanks for the shout out and link to my blog… 😉 Ok, now…,i have experienced those two moments you mentioned and they have been quite instrumental in shaping who I am today. After walking on faith alone in such a manner, not only is that faith itself immeasurable but so is the power gained in the aftermath! I am now that powerful… And having a moment when utter fear becomes reality, one should (as I do) value their lives in a different light knowing it can be snatched from you at any given moment. Indeed, let’s continue to walk with unshakeable faith, give more to show gratitude for life, and definitely care for self so you can complete the God given task…

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  2. This is getting ridiculous, Twin… 😉 I’ve been thinking about you (a lot actually) and wondering how you’ve been? Hmmn, seeing as you know my name and all, how do you feel about keeping in touch outside of the comment section? Hehe… Oh, and again honored my post lifted your spirits. I’ve felt them being down some through your writings…

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