Someone needs to see this message because I know I still look at it when I need to be reminded, and strengthened.  These quotes come from GG Renee Hill. Here ya go 🙂


Never dim your light. When you feel invisible and you question your relevance or when no one seems to understand your vision, remember that you were made this way for a reason and your perspective matters. Everyone won’t feel you the way you want to be felt and that is okay.”

There will come a day when you will be angry or disappointed or sad; and still aware that when the fog clears, you’ve lost nothing. Because no one can take away your peace unless you give it away. No one can define you, limit you, stress you, unless you give them permission. ” 

The world needs those of us who can absorb pain, process it, and transform it into love. This is a form of art. This is worship. Do not be afraid of how deeply you experience the world.” 


I don’t know about you but I really experience this world on an extra sensitive, highly analytical, and often lonely type way. There are times when I feel like I am taking in so much info that the only way to keep my head, and heart from swimming is to withdraw…still love but withdraw the antennas that pick up the energies from others. It especially gets challenging when the ones you feel so deeply for..and are always present for…but they don’t seem to make the same effort. The continuous message I have to remember is not to have expectations so vested in them but to have them for myself. The only person I can control is SELF. I have always been able to let GO of people, but I’ve learned to do it much sooner, and without the negative feelings that accompany it. But guess what, I am human, and wanting to be appreciated, loved, and valued by the closest people to me still affects me when moments of neglect are at the forefront. So methods of inner boosts have to be dispatched asap. This is one of those methods. Reflecting on the positive things that are reminders of what makes me feel amazing….the things that remind me that I am not the other person’s actions, or inaction….and gaining self-awareness points. So I hope this provides comfort, and a firm reminder to you as it has done for me.

Love. Peace. Positive Energy to you all. 🙂


6 thoughts on “MESSAGE

  1. Wow….powerful words that you just wrote blaque girl. I felt your spirit as I read it….I’m at a lost for words right now. Just know that you are loved, adored and admired by me and the boys. The Lord will bless you with your “Boaz” and all that your heart pray and hope for! Your greater is coming…I’m going to speak it in the atmosphere. You just pray and claim it. Love you chic!

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    1. You know you are my heart, and soooo much more that can not be explained. Love you to infinity and beyond. You know me better than many…Love you for who you are and always being supportive. Hug the boys for me. You are on a pedestal in my life, and that won’t change. Kisses and thanks for the uplift, and being present always! Cheers darque.


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