Change..have a seat

Things change.

This statement can bring you pleasure, pain, or a matter-of-fact acceptance.

Although, I was sitting still with the best intentions, things around were still..changing.

The wind continued to blow, and move the leaves.

The cars continued to flow, and part their present space.

The cells within each body was changing, and still is changing.

Mine too.


My heart’s wall is changing.

It’s barricading itself. Not out of fear, but just because it’s ready to retire.

Retire to a place where certain areas are no longer accessible.

Acceptance ensures that it is not a punishment. Only a procedure.

It needs to rest because it has done more than its share, and then some.


Change is what we expect as compensation for our actions, whether within ourselves, or others.

I. Accept. You. Change.

No hard fouls, ill intentions, or negative vibes.

I only want to sit still, and observe the change around me.

Without actively attempting to influence it.


Have a seat.

This change will cause change.

And it is okay.

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