I Write


Must write before sleep 

Clear the mental space to wrap up the day 

Bags and Memories will clutter up the place 

Gotta clear this space for when I awaken 

My hands need to be clear 

My eyes need to be free 

My mind’s balance button needs resetting 

So..I write

I write about how 

the shower went cold 

as I stood there praying this a.m. 

allowing dirt and bubbles to swirl downward

as hope and intention rose with the steam

body and soul cleansed upon my exit 

I write about how

sadness and loneliness walked in

escorted them back out 

the love i have is welcome

even if a body of another is not present

it’s okay to be by myself

because i love myself

my optimism replaces the void 

I write about my kids

pint size although adult size 

versions of me 

remixed and repackaged 

birthed into this world 

my joy is never-ending 

pausing to savor what’s in my core

I write on

I write page after page 

line after line 

tattooing my thoughts 

embedding myself into the moment

I write

I release

I regain balance

I am at peace

even if only for the moment 

Wrote myself back to life

9 thoughts on “I Write

  1. Brilliant piece ! You are raising your energy vibration as you journey on your path. The veil is parting more and more.

    The truth appears to us like images from a dream, in bits and pieces, only as we are able to endure and accept it.

    I am beginning to see that as we learn self love, we become more connected with others at the same energy (vibrational) levels to ourselves. We are lifting and floating above the low vibration levels of the psychopaths.

    This writing of yours shows ability to continue to float higher and higher into truth and light…..and see the darkness and reptilian sloths from above….as they scrape and manipulate their way…at the lowest vibrational energy levels.

    Happy Valentines Day. The Universal Love of connnected consciousness is the true love.

    Namaste my sister,
    Annie 💕💃🌷

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    1. Wow. I recognize the Divine within you as well. 🙂 You uplifted my heart so much with this message that I am adding it to my notebook. I keep it with me daily to look at. Thanks for such uplifting, and observant thoughts. May the energy continues to raise, and the veil continue to part. Peace. Love. Light. 🙂

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