Let’s celebrate, shall we

This is very important. 

Okay, my response to this award is tardy, extremely tardy. My apologies expressed to Studiotj for nominating me, and thinking so highly of me. I express my gratitude.  Even though you are not a sister :), you still spread the love, warmth, and connection by sharing with others. Thank you.


sisterhood award

Let’s get it going, shall we….

These are the rules, they will be posted once on this post, and one time only. HA! Sorry, I couldn’t resist saying that. My chest was poked out and everything.



  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. 2. Put the award logo on your blog. 3. Answer the ten questions sent to you. 4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. 5. Nominate ten blogs.


**A Virgobeauty Sidenote: I do tend to bend the rules to my liking…so, if you are reading this, Boom! You are nominated as well.** 

Wow, I’ve already completed three of the rules. “Look at you go.” Zooming on ahead…



10 Spot 

So, Studiotj, you have ten questions. Let’s get into formation (too soon..nahh).

  1. Without giving me your name tell me who are you?

I. Am. Love.

Truth. Understanding. Compassion.

I am evolving constantly.

  1. Why are you here?

To get on your nerves, that is my goal.

Kidding, I am here to enjoy this human experience,

while helping others to do the same. 

  1. Despite your age, what do you plan to do when you grow up?

Growing up is constant. Why not learn, dance, cry, and sing in the process?

Oh, also I plan to excel as an author, editor, and awkwardly loving human being.

This is subject to change, as everything seems to interest me.

My growth is flexible, and creative.  

  1. What book would you recommend to others?

*system overload*

Hmm, perhaps Real Money Answers by Patrice C. Washington.

Maybe learning, and applying financial info can free us from stress,

and create more time to reading more books in many different genres. Checkmate.  

  1.  Who do you admire most?

Too many of you, You know who you are. 

Here’s song to push the message, Oddisee.

  1. What is your “happy” song?

At the moment, my happy song is Heavy Love by Mali Music

The energy, his voice, and subject of love is uplifting…and that beat, YESS!

  1. Who do you turn to for advice?

My brother. 

Anything I express to him is in confidence,

and loving, honest advice, without a hidden agenda will always be my feedback. 


  1. What is your greatest accomplishment?

Finding myself on rock bottom many times,

and still having love, and hope in my heart, speech, and actions. 

Also, Finding, and maintaining my chill zone.

This is my zone of acceptance,and embracing what is occurring.

It’s thinking, and not just reacting, recklessly. *church fan* 

It’s my spiritual, raw place that is now a lifestyle, and flows naturally.


  1. What do you want others to say about you when you are no longer here?

She was random; yet, loved deeply, and always left me feeling great about myself.

She supported, and desired the greatest good for me, 

even if it meant hearing unwanted truth.


  1. Who do you most admire?

Everyone. The lessons are always present!

It’s difficult to put a list topper. However, my parental units, and massive family, 

are strong forces in the person that I am. 

They lived/live according to their values, and beliefs. 

Many I observed, learned, and applied.

I express my gratitude because they are all priceless. 

They are a constant reflection of love, unity, and positive energy.

They taught me that love, and unity defeats chaos, and disconnect.


You’ve reached the end of the 10 spot. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Yes, I noticed that each of the questions has the number 1 beside them. The numbering, and I had a dispute, but I won. Take that!

Now, here are my questions for you, taken from my journal. 🙂 

  1. What part of today felt purposeful, yet, it was routine, or simplistic?
  2. Name three things that made you smile today.
  3. What is something that you need to hear?
  4. Right now, what are you grateful for that is enough?
  5. What book, movie, song, or show are you indulging in?
  6. In what area of life, do you need to forgive yourself at this moment?
  7. If there was a book about your life, what would you title it?
  8. Provide five words that describe you.
  9. Often times, we get busy with the daily tasks of life. Who would you like to hug, and express your love to today?
  10. What quote gives you hope?


I hope that you all will answer those questions, and tag me in the post please.

I eagerly await seeing your heart shine in the message.


Again, thanks Studiotj. Major gratitude for you, and your constant positive energy.

No kittens were harmed in the making of this post.

Enjoy your day 🙂

7 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate, shall we

  1. Ummm… I understand you bend rules to your liking, and since I read that, I was “BOOM” nominated! However, this is for the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers!” So, am I to assume Studiotj is a man like i am, but we’re still tasked to answer your questions? Or are you trying to bend us into sisters? Lol… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tehehee. Not at all
      Trying to bend you into sisters lol. Only push you past the title, and deeper into self/community by sharing about self. I hope you’ll give it a go 🙂


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