Book Review: Nirvana (Nirvana #1) by J. R. Stewart



Book: Nirvana (Nirvana #1)

Author: J. R. Stewart

Ratings: 5/5, Check out that cover also! Major points.

Goodreads Summary: Press Me 🙂

Quotes I like from…only a few though..

The world is crumbling, you’re my distraction from the pain.”

We need the light to see the darkness, and in the darkness is the truth.”

An intelligent mind is never bored.”

My thoughts:

First, take a moment to check out that book cover. It is truly captivating huh. Well, let me tell you what I think about this book.  Dramatic pause.

Loved it. The writing has such a smooth flow to it, and it kept my attention the entire read.  The characters (names and actions) merge so well. It is a movie that plays in your mind as you progress through the pages.

This novel pulls you into the present world we live in, while also being based in the future.  It brings together the concept of virtual reality, corporate greed, important environmental issues, and humanity.

Of course, I won’t tell you any spoilers but I do think this is one you should read. Then you can wait like me for the next book…eagerly awaiting the next one…where is the next book…omg…*taps watch*

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