Things through my eyes…

When it takes me 30 minutes, or more to read a 5 minute article, or section of work, I smile.

The experience is about processing what is in front of me.  Then I relate it to self for maximum growth, and positivity.

I restructure the info into a gratitude, and a question.

This comes naturally for me.

It feels like one word opened a million doors of emotions, actions, thoughts, etc.

To have this moment…this method…this portion of self that I love, I express my gratitude. 

Many people seem to struggle with accepting who they are in relation to this world.

Well, folks, what you see is what you get, even as I am growing (changing).

I love my awkwardness.

My ability to love DEEPLY and express it..Yep, Love that too.

The ability to see something positive in the majority of circumstances is another reason I love myself.

Positive Polly trumps Negative Nancy any day!

I love not being afraid (not enough to be paralyzed) to express how I am feeling, whether it is pain, joy, fear, confusion, doubt, or top level “I don’t know what is happening to me” moments.

I love that I value time, family, love, and truth.

I love that I can go on, and on, and on, but I’ll stop here.

Back to my article….


8 thoughts on “Glimpse

  1. Well written. Your post made me smile with hope for humanity. The world changes and brings forth challenges but, in the end, it is how we manoeuvre our powerful minds to think positively.

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    1. I cosign that statement. So glad this made you smile. Let that smile shine, and brighten the day of everyone around you. I appreciate you reading this, and sharing such wonderful feedback. Thank you.


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