Book Review: The Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson


Book: The Opposite of Everyone

Author: Joshilyn Jackson

Rating: 4/5 Stars, This even appealed to my nerd side (teach me, teach me, teach me)

Expected Release Date: 16 February 2016

Goodreads Summary: Press Me 🙂

Quotes I like from the book….only a  few:

“His existence shifted history. His birth, his loss, remade my mother, and recolored her choices.”

“If you live a life shaped like a loaded gun, your kid is going to come along and shoot it.”

“A long time ago, this happened, and it’s happening now”

My Thoughts:

This read reminds me that there is nothing new under the sun.  I love these stories with poetic, cryptic lessons of deep meaning. The reader (yep, you) interprets the meaning.

We all leave our residue within each stage of our lives, coloring the world with our fragrant beliefs and actions…composing our own unique masterpiece.

Karen lived life on her terms. It may not all make sense, or run smoothly, but we all are living our own stories, sometimes blending paths. One story can lead to many different endings, which are actually beginnings.

I love reading a story in which you have to remind yourself the characters aren’t real. These characters are alive, and their emotions (energy) leaps out the story.

Well done, Joshilyn. Well done.

Also, the Hindu storytelling was a brilliant addition.

Definitely give this one a read


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