There are times I can’t sleep unless Affirmations are flowing through my head.

The gratitude within the contents give me peace.

It seems like each day is filled with enough prayers, and hope, that everyone near and dear to me can miss a year and still have covering, especially Sunshine. My heart has been smiling since I allowed myself to open to him.
Pumping brakes on writing those thoughts, or I’ll never get any sleep today. Love is powerful and it’ll take you a long distance from where you started. 🙂


This post is short. I only needed to affirm a few random things because….come on, we know I don’t need a reason to go write when I’m feeling it.


Moving forward…


I affirm that all areas of my life are overflowing with wealth. I express my gratitude.


I affirm that many proposals are accepted, which aids in increase. For this, I am grateful.


I affirm that with each encounter I leave a situation better than I found it. I express my gratitude.


I am grateful for everything I have at this present moment in my life. I am deeply grateful.


I am grateful for the opportunities, and miracles that today will bring, and welcome each lesson that accompanies them.


I express my gratitude that my princess is blessed another birthday to celebrate. My joy is bursting from my core.


I’m grateful for the inspiration that will flow through my mind, body, and spirit today.


Brakes. Okay, the rest are for my drifting to sleep zone.


Spend some time today just speaking aloud the things you are grateful for, even if they haven’t come to pass. Allow it to soak into your core. Set your intentions toward the positive, and toward love. Allow today to flow…. May you flow with it 🙂

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