Sunshine in the Dark

I start this work from a very dark place. The same dark place that most geniuses try to write themselves out of. Some of them survive, and their stories breathe life into others, as they claw their way out of their unlit spaces. Then there are the others, the remainders, who just end up making tally marks on the cave walls until old age becomes the stop sign of their plight. And even when the fortunate do make it to fresh air, they pinch themselves, and hold their breath savoring the moment, yet still cautious of falling back into the pit of darkness. So why not write? Maybe I can create a world that never gets dark, except where the shadow meets the moment that gives me unspeakable joy, and love. Sunshine. There was sunshine in my life once. It’s warmth woke me, traveled with me throughout the day, and shown within my heart as I slept. It was that type sunshine that felt too good to be true, or makes you question what you did to deserve such a soothing energy. It totally made me forget that rainy days do come. Now, the clouds haven’t gone away. Slowly, Each day became darker and darker, and my confusion grew..wondering why I was feeling green, or blue rather? Now it’s just Dark. But there’s a light on the tip of my pen… Trying to recreate the sunshine….

6 thoughts on “Sunshine in the Dark

  1. We have to walk through the dark and soak it in, before we can get to the light on the other side of the tunnel.

    I have tried to find ways around it. I would tell how to go around if I found it.

    The darkness insists on being acknowleged and interacted with.
    If we ignore it, it will continue to follow and torment us.

    We have to integrate what darkness we have had brought up in us. Speak to it….consol

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  2. Sorry…i hit send too soon by accident…..stupid tiny keys…..

    …console it, comfort it, make peace with it….then we can find a new purpose….a greater purpose than we had before….the darkness will reveal truth and revitalize us to new strength and wisdom….


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