Games of birthing posts

Have you ever wrote a post that felt so gooooodddd to release the bickering thoughts, the rollercoaster of emotions, and just to feel like you shared what was on your mind, even if no one could solve the problem?
And then, time passes. And then you think,Well dang, London, what bridges have I burned down?

Yes, yes, you got me. Some of those moments occur before I start to click Publish but then I think about my purpose. And Vooshhh. Shared.

A connection of my thoughts, and feelings, to the reality of this world.

There’s a peace to feeling heard, and sometimes understood.

May writing forever be in my favor… And yours

8 thoughts on “Games of birthing posts

  1. Awesome post! I definitely feel that way sometimes. Other bloggers tend to prefer more positive posts but most of the time, they’re not positive. I’m content with my negativity. It’s an intellectual kind of misery. Like Ernest Hemingway and how he resorted to alcoholism which proved to be fatal. The suffering writer. Statistically, some people are bound to like my blog so I post whatever is on my mind unfiltered. Why not? Lol

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