O, just me huh

Have you ever just stopped to think, or rather been unsolicitedly overrun with thoughts about: Why does it seem so hard for people to acknowledge their feelings, and express it to that special someone? You know the warm inside, corny smile ones.


I mean, it seems like it’s far easier for people to acknowledge the negative emotions they feel, and express almost immediately.
Or it appears that we can shift our entire schedule around at the expense of ourselves for others with less than two seconds of thought. Basically, “this is all I got for you” AKA protecting self.  I mean, I think people would volunteer to be the first victim in the zombie apocalypse before they let someone know that “although, things in my life, nor your life are perfect, I think you’re perfect for me.” Gasp.


Maybe I’m being a butthole within my prose.
If so, check out other writings of mine that aren’t as laced.
Anyway, maybe the answer is next to the winning lottery number, and we have a one in a trillion chance to luck upon someone (other than ourselves) that will take the risk of saying “I’m here for you with my actions, and words. And I’m here for you with the ups and downs, and you never have to guess how much you mean to me.”
Lightbulb. Maybe I should write a book on that.


Check this out: Have you ever tried to remove yourself from someone’s life because you don’t want them to have the stress of even worrying, thinking, or being concerned with you because it’s clear they don’t have time to feel? Or because it gives you a chance to turn your feelings off and not feel like the idiot who cares, and says it everyday (diarrhea mouth).. Because to experience another day breathing (you and the person) is a blessing . Oh, I’m the only one. Good good. You all are more balanced in that area. Tehehee.


But that’s life huh. The art of staying distracting productively, while letting the wealthy, yet free, things decompose, or become neglected. All it takes sometimes to revive a kingdom of overflowing plushness is time, and authentic love, openly expressed.

Think tank powering down.

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