Book Review: A Moment of Silence: Midnight III by Sister Souljah

Book Review: A Moment of Silence: Midnight III

Author: Sister Souljah

Genre: Fiction/African American

Rating: 5/5 Stars   (I would give more if they were available)

Goodreads Summary:  Press ME 🙂

Quotes I like…only a few though…

“A true confession should come from a person’s soul voluntarily”

“Any man can learn another man’s language if he could shut up long enough to listen, and sit still long enough to study.”

“Whatever the truth is in my soul, heart, or mind, I take action over words.”

My Thoughts:

Phenomenal Read! I would recommend this book to anyone with eyes to read. This work is a life changing masterpiece, infused with multiple doses of cultures (Japanese, Sudanese, American, Chinese, Korean, Jamaican, Mexican, and Dominican).

We navigate the world through the eyes of Midnight, as he endures conflicts with self, society, and family. This book will challenge you to think critically. It will cause you to use introspect regarding your actions, decisions, accountability, and beliefs.  As stated within, “We have a consideration, a responsibility to think and rethink, to evaluate and weigh and make honest and careful decisions. We have a responsibility to pursue the truth, and be the truth, yet we know we can never be perfect.” This marvelous work will trigger powerful discussions by all that are blessed to digest its message.

Sister Souljah wove life into each character with ease. You can hear their voices as they each speak their truth. You never know what you will get as you turn each page of this read, but you will be transfixed until the end…and begging for more.

This is a must read that should be a part of your library.

Indulge. Take notes. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Book Review: A Moment of Silence: Midnight III by Sister Souljah”

    1. It’s a great read. However, there are two books before this that may give more insight on the main character, which shows his way of thinking/actions. The first is called Midnight. The second is Midnight and the meaning of love. Both filled with cultural knowledge. Great reads. Hope you enjoy

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    1. Yessssss Yesss. She lays it out in those pages with Real and applicable information…characters we can resonate with. Major Salute to Souljah. Her being is embedded in her work. Love Love Love.

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      1. Now that is a great question. Hard to answer that because I read a lot of everything…a lot. The first book that came to mind was Assata’s biography but she hasn’t penned many, you know. Read that for sure.

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