Book Review: Frog Hollow (Witches of Sanctuary) Book #1 by Savannah Blevins


Book Review: Frog Hollow (Witches of Sanctuary) Book #1

Author: Savannah Blevins

Rating: 5/5 , Cover also gets an A++

Expected Publication Date:  5 January 2016


Goodreads Summary: Press Me 🙂


Quotes I like from the book….only a few even though I have more:

“A  true friend would rather die at your side than take advantage of your good nature.”

“However, I found out the hard way that family doesn’t always love you back.”

“Women and their damn tempers. Prideful too, won’t even let anyone die for them.”



My thoughts:

Frog Hollow is a must read that is extremely difficult to place down…if only I didn’t need to sleep everyday. The elegant, humor, and strength is felt within each page, and character.
Wilhelmina Daniels. Not only is she awesome because she has my mother’s first name, she is memorable. Her life involves real world issues of abandonment, searching for identity, and love, and navigating daily life. Throw a few magical powers within it, and the story is enhanced even more. There are many moments that tugged my heart’s strings, while others actually had me standing up asking “Why would you do that? Why?” It was quite a journey.
This is such a magnificent read. Did I say that already? Savannah is gifted with her writing ability. There are so many quotes of wisdom embedded within the pages, such as “The sting of loneliness never really goes away.” Well done. Wilhelmina’s reflection on Reid is a beautiful wrap up. Love. Balance. Dual Strength.
Thanks for drawing me into a  magical world. I eagerly await Book 2.
Let’s see where Lyric, Julien, Reid, Wilhelmina, and I can only imagine who else takes us. Outstanding read.



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