About: Upgrade

*wavy lines and dreamy reflection music*

You know, when I started this blog, it was to express without being interrupted, and feel heard, even on the most random of randomest stuff. Plus, It felt sort of prestigious to have a website…as if I should be wearing a pearl necklace (stay focused), while wearing Mickey Mouse pajama bottoms with blue and lime painted toenails. Go Seahawks!!! Anyway, never mind that the website is totally free, but it comes with perks. Perks such as going into Starbucks with a laptop, appearing all entrepreneurish…even though nothing I post generates income.  Also, a website is a great edition to a resume….Which reminds me, one of my affirmations/goals for 2016 is to become independent ~aka~ freelance living ~aka~ flexible ~aka~ Dictate my own schedule. See why having this blog is soooo awesome? Thoughts are free to roam. Random. No back leashes. Beautiful, eh?

Moving on, this year my goal with this blog is to connect with more amazing people…Yep, that’s you.  It’s to gather interesting info, laugh and cry with you, and whatever other doors of positive opportunities arise. Expectations are high.

On another random note,  do you ever look back at what you’ve written, and ask yourself “Who wrote that? Not bad. Not bad.” 🙂

Wrap up,  cause the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, Wishing you all a wonderful year in writing, connecting, and experiencing life.

Cheers !!!!

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