Wait a Minute, Who Are You?

So the last few hours of my life were spent indulging in the positive. This post is inspired by OWN’s Who Am I series. Check it out on youtube if you’ve never seen it.

On to business, or the good stuff rather, When someone asks who you are, what traits enter your mind, and why? Think about how your experiences have shaped you into who you are. Am I the only one smiling? And check this out: there are others who possess those traits too; but You, yesss wonderful you, bring your own unique umphh to it.

Boom! Let that marinate.

Here are a small portion of mine. I know you are in there too 🙂

~ Evolving ~ Willing ~ Conscious ~ Enthusiastic ~ Hypercritical ~ Curious ~ Mother~ Friend ~ Reader ~ Writer ~ Competitive ~ Goofy ~ Quiet ~ Honest ~ Expressive ~ Passionate ~ Spiritual ~ Loyal ~ Kind ~ Damaged ~ Authentic ~ Grateful ~ A Leader ~ Dependable ~ Dedicated ~ Creative ~ Imaginative ~ A Believer ~ Determined ~ Scared ~ Strong ~ Fearless ~ A Deep Thinker ~ Free ~ Alive ~ Caring ~ Courageous ~ Emotional ~ Loving ~ Inspired ~ Ambitious ~ Romantic ~ Optimistic ~ Full of Powerful Energy ~ A Healer ~ A whole lot of everything in a brilliant package 🙂 ~

Who Are You? 


” Take me as I am. Watch me as I go.”

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