Nodus Tollens

Nodus Tollens. “The realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore.”  Sense is nowhere in the vicinity of what my life has been…is presently witnessing. Questions can be asked who? For what? And how will that someone mend that which is broken, and gushing the things we all retreat, and attempt to protect ourselves from.

Nodus Tollens. The same confusion sparked in the mental of those who have never seen this before. Panic. Attack. Overwhelmed at what the grounds of my existence are displaying. So I do what comes natural to me, I plant flowers. Flowers called: Faith. Trust. Love. Encouragement. They allow me to water them with my tears, fears, uncertainty, and confusion.

Even graveyards have flowers in them. Death is not in my thoughts, but the soil appears barren. I’m tending the grounds. This is my attempt to refocus, to achieve balance, and to shift into what I know. What I know is this: Even when the land brings you to a place where the remains consist of tears, and bare bones, there is still a celebration of life in the midst. It’s ultimately up to me to celebrate my losses, and express gratitude for each breath that fills my lungs. As long as the dirt is not packing me down, there is hope, and ground to gain.

Faith.  Trust. Love. Encouragement.

A New Season is coming 🙂

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