Ready, Set, 2016

Dear 2015,

We had our run, but let me tell you, I do not plan to endure the same trials filled with tears, frustration, and dream TKOs. Yes, I learned the lessons, applied solutions, educated others, and managed to keep breathing. Win Win. However, it is time to let you go because the Strugglecast Theme has been overplayed. My intentions are set on something different. Picture it in lights, with starlit eyes, and an overflowing life of abundance. My 2016 theme is Harvesting the Rewards. Yes Yes. These seeds have incubated long enough, and that ground was very, very coarse. My goodness, the fields blooming with Financial and Career Freedom are swaying beautifully. With no shoes, and Seattle Hawk blue, and lime painted toenails, watch me tip toe through the tulips. Who am I kidding? I will be running wild, and dancing in those fields of progression. Deeppp Inhale. You smell that? Smells like Success. Breathe it in, Breathe it in! 🙂 

Thanks for the process. You don’t have to respond, I’m good. 

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