Abnormally Normal

Creativity and Mental Illness. A clarity as clear as a deer standing in the middle of a foggy, highway. You’re aware of its presence,but considered yourself the exemption…Until you’re thrust into recognition, acceptance, and full impact.
Writers read. A lot. Then we float around the normal activities of life trying to keep our imagination, and painted sentence induced euphoria (or whatever emotional journey we encountered) bottled up, as to seem Normal. For us, normal is a world of creativity, and few boundaries. So we eagerly await diving into another book to restore our balance, within a world of unlimited possibilities.

Are our dreams obtainable, or too far fetched because our mind is outstretched?
Will there ever be fulfillment in creating?
Do you feel like you’ve embarked on a world that is hiding in plain sight, yet so many choose to shy away from something so good, easily obtainable, yet requires Time? Let that marinate.

Questions. They balloon above my head like comic strip characters.


Speaking of comics. Read this sign in the comic book store yesterday. “Don’t be like Bane and break the spines.” With a smirk, and a battle with my inner villain, I rebuke the Bane in me. 🙂
Just a few words… Maybe my mind is clear enough to get some rest. Thanks for sharing this moment.

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