It’s about her!

Truly reminds me of myself. Wow.

Unsheltered Souls


It’s about her! She was entangled in ropes of her own personality. She herself didn’t know who she was. Her chaotic life made her more confused. People, around her, tried to shape her as they wanted, but she resisted. She didn’t know why she couldn’t conform to the beliefs, attitudes, norms and perspectives of people around her, for she too young to know such things. She was constantly at war against herself, her condition, and the people. Everything she did was absurd because she had so many absurd things happening around her and she was too young to comprehend all that absurdity. No one tried to understand her and everyone tried to make her a puppet.

She was rebellious, she didn’t know that, but she was. In every step she took there was a rebellious approach. She looked for ways to avenge, though unconsciously. There was a destruction going on inside her…

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