A.M Thoughts

Sometimes having strong loving feelings for others sucks. It can have you questioning their loyalty. It can also have you ready to battle the world to keep them protected from any harm, pain, or anything less than the best. It’s tough sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if it ever gets easier. Maybe not… Maybe it will… Either way, there are things in life we can’t control. We can only manage our responses to it. I choose not to let that fear of uncertainty.. Fear of heartbreak… Fear of (insert a number of things)….I choose not to let it hinder my judgment, and put me in a negative mood, or mindset. Past experiences won’t dictate my future. What I choose is to love, and give the best of me, until it causes me to be less than the best version of myself. Then acceptance, change where necessary, and growth occurs. Overall, love is powerful. It is still up to us how much power we allow it to have over our choices, and reactions. I choose to always stay on the lighter side of things, while acknowledging the dark enough to remove its power.

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