~What….the….heck….was …today….~

Truthfully, I don’t know if writing will even relieve the headache of today. But because I write, I will writeth. Shakespearian-ish moment. Another new word.  Anyway, today SUCKED! Right now, at this moment, is the first time that I feel anything remotely close to my normal balanced self. When no one got paid at work due to a “glitch”, possibly human one, I knew it was going to be a whirlwind of a day. I survived though..running on three hours of sleep, and a couple of quad filled Starbucks delights…I press on. So this post is another attempt to take me all the way to the end zone of chill mode for the next six hours, until I can manage some rest. On the brighter side, my mom lived to count, and celebrate another born day. Gratitude. My son, and nephew beat the brakes off of their opponents in football. Gratitude and Elbow Grease. I still get that mushy, heart string feeling when I think of ‘Sunshine’. He’s awesome. Gratitude. And my family, friends, and all of you are valued and appreciated tremendously. Love your voices, perspectives, attention, and connection. Gratitude. Hope you all had a wonderful day. If it was a muscle tester for you today, may tomorrow be better. Let us proceed with the full intention of having a remarkable, day filled with laughter, and memories of things fulfilling to our spirits.

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