Another Round

I strangled you so quickly that it took me a moment to realize that I even moved to clench you between my fingertips. Doubt. No vacancy, so I had to take you out before you got me first. This. Is. Life. Or. Death. I choose LIFE.

My womb breeds optimism, opportunities, and anything other than negativity consuming the essence of what I cherish. Life. Love. The ability to stop and start over again, even when its hard, and painful. I could not have allowed you to live because your presence is toxic to me, and those in my presence.

There have been many times you have slipped in.. stealth mode to tap dance all over my dreams, and hard work…leaving nothing but ruin. Not this time. My wisdom came when I recognized your tactics. Bobbing and Weaving into success I have finally defeated the major parts of you. Sure, there will be moments you will catch me sleeping..oh but when I wake up…Yep, Either get ghost, or prepare yourself for the TKO. But this time, Win for me. Loss for You. Kick rocks.

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