Please fight for… You

They should fight for you, and I’m not talking about the physical. They should fight to be the best version of themselves they can be while you fight for the same. Together you should fight to uplift, motivate, communicate, and build with one another.

When it becomes a moment in which it is only fighting that keeps you connected, in chaos, lost and seeking your identity, …constantly having to rebuild yourself from being torn apart by him, or her, It’s Time To Walk Away. Do no harm.

Love yourself to want the best for yourself. Love yourself to release the past and step into a beautiful future. Nothing will ever be perfect but it’s the journey that makes the difference. Smell the flowers, and give one to that special someone who values, loves, and appreciates you.

No more tears and excuses justifying pain that you willingly sign up for. The season of honesty is here. Step into your new season. Reap a beautiful harvest starting with yourself.

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