Yep, A needed moment

So, It’s been a moment but I am in the mood to write about how I am feeling. Right here. In. This. Moment. And the verdict is: Not to pleased. It is my fault because I have been distracted. Standing in the mirror I see it clearly..these cheeks. The cheeks that have increased in two weeks. The free food…twelve to fifteen hour shifts…sitting and working…sleeping in small spurts. Nope, I should not be surprised at the tiny gut that is starting to form, but I won’t allow it to go any further. Hey, this is not a battle of not loving myself. It is clearly a personal Come to the Light, and Fry moment. Yes, mam. You need to reassess the present lifestyle. Changes must occur, right now. No exceptions. The decision has been made to eat healthier, and make the best use of my time when I am putting in so much job time. Discipline. Operation: Girl Get Your Energy Back. Operation: Lady, no inner tube around my stomach cause my hips are enough sexy sexy. So you see it is not an issue of not loving me…It’s a moment of committing to be the best me that I can be, in a manner that I accept. As I get older it doesn’t come off so easy, so I have to maintain a clean internal, that reflects in my external, in order to stay in balance. I’m feeling pumped up already…hope that burned some calories. HA! Game face on! Let’s get it! 🙂

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