Tired With No Time To Sit

This hustle and bustle isn’t proving as fruitful as I hoped it would be

Investing more time into what feels like there is simply not enough hours in my day

Exhaustion always has room for me on its schedule.

But, I wash its coarseness down the best I can with gallons of positive juice and reasons why. Determination. Is it in you?

There are days when I want to just get on a plane, and just GO…but that costs money huh. (scratches that off the list…for now)

Planning and digging deep still waiting for the harvest I eagerly want to reap

Reaping sounds too close to weeping. Maybe I got the terminology confused

Perhaps I should plant tears in the ground because they seem to hold recipes of the living

Recipes of joy, hard work, and pain. Streaks of Reflections looking back over the rough terrain

There have been seconds when I questioned what have I done to someone..anyone…There has to be a reason for a drought filled season

Do my dreams live in an oasis? The oasis that I see when looking at the lives of others

*Slap* let me snap out of it. Usually, I don’t even entertain the things that don’t give me joy

Because it will become a hole too deep to ever climb out of

So even though I haven’t reached my vision of a promised land, I express gratitude for the ability to have strength, help myself, and the next man

I paint rainbows on my walls that are still under construction

Keeping my head out the sand, and a pen in my hand, I will write myself back to life

I refuse to gut myself with an unworthy knife

It takes acceptance, and strength to fall down and get up over and over again…

But I guarantee you that in the end I will win

Again, and again, and again

I’m a work in progress

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