No Title 09/15/15

It made no difference whether the sun was high, or the moon beamed on.
He resigned himself to feeling anything that indicated feelings for his decisions, or for her. Standing exposed as the warm, droplets of the water cascaded down his back, he could hear the drum of each drop, yet felt..nothing. Numb. It had been a week since they last spoke. He knew that she was worried, and reaching out to help him without success. The connection that he held were smothered, for his problems were much to great to deal with. Why pull her through this journey? It had nothing to do with her. True, she was the breathe of reviving that he refused to take. He could easily get lost within her. But that happened in his past, and proved futile, and pain filled. She was different than those before, and he knew it. She recognized it in him, as well. But, Her pain would heal with each passing second as she grew to learn how to separate herself unwillingly from him, and what she had loved from the start. He imagined any dreams of a future for them fading with the water swirling down the drain. Wait, what was that? He could feel his body shifting, and turning without his control. Robotic, yet still heavy within his own thoughts. A kiss graces his lips, as her tear filled eyes peer into his. How had she found him? How had she approached without him knowing? She stood before him bare allowing her kisses, and love to convey what her words could not. Never breaking eye contact, she poured herself into him…with the efforts of healing him, and restoring what he attempted to push away. Each touch, and tear confirmed that she would not leave him on this journey. She would always be present, and supportive through the pain, and the celebrations. Refusing to allow him to condemn himself to a solitary journey, with a weight they both could support, she said “I Love You.” The journey was just beginning. He willed himself to take the first step, by returning her kiss. 

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