Return Trips

This quote right here….Just pause and let it marinate in your system. : )

“Been there-done that. Then, been there several more times, because apparently I never learn.”

I bet some of you have postcards and t-shirts from those return trips.


4 thoughts on “Return Trips

  1. Change is such a valuable, yet often misunderstood process. We go round and round visiting and revisiting the issues we face. We are addressing the myriad associations and neural connections we have formed around the subject of our efforts. They can seem infinite…but they’re not. They are finite and finally, at some point, after years or after decades, we can and do make it through.

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    1. You are right! The victory is there, even when the process is long. “Change is such a valuable, yet often misunderstood process.” You said a lot there. I agree.


  2. Have you seen Groundhog Day? As I recall, it took a while for Bill Murray’s character to start learning from his repeating experiences. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it, for sure.

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    1. Yes, but it has been a long while. Since I have matured in my view, I am sure it will be completely different to me now, then in the past when I watched it. I will watch it again. In the past, I kept thinking “oh not again..another day.” But I loved when he beat the poor clock. Hilarious lol.

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