Shut out and Ignored. Numb.

Honestly, It hurt..knowing that the same voice I take heed to, and listen to ..spoke your truth about the lack of importance of my your life…Akin to hearing you make an appointment of a future deal with the devil. You delivered a fresh uppercut to my jaw…Blindsided. No bobbing. No weaving. Bulls-eye. However, it did not miss my eardrum. I heard you. Loud and Clear. Days later, and at sporadic moments, I find myself wishing that it had not connected. Observantly wanting to rewind the moment, and watch it play..just to rewind it again, and move a different piece..not the one I played. Maybe I would’ve listened longer, and silenced my honesty. You see, watching someone I care so deeply about make a bad move based on a temporary problem has never been my greatest quality. It’s a tank I prefer to keep on E. The seconds continue to pass. I. Miss. You. I walk that road alone…missing your voice and joy that bleed within each interaction. However, my voice has been silent. Unable to attempt to climb the wall to ask you to open the door. Stuck in drying concrete. Numb. Rereading the rule book titled I thought we both mattered to each other, and our voices hold weight. That day, it was in stereo. Now the silence is thundering. Who knows if and when you will allow the Sunshine again?

6 thoughts on “Shut out and Ignored. Numb.

  1. I f i understand this right, it is about choices we make and the thereafters.
    Sometimes we wish we can go back and remake them or simply hope things will take a favourable turn.
    Twas a nice read .thanks😘

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  2. Hi I have selected you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. If you choose to accept please see the post with the details here…

    I realize that these awards are time consuming so I do not want anyone to feel obligated. Feel free to copy and paste the badge from the link I gave you, if you choose to accept.

    Have a peaceful day and know that I thought of you 🙂


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