…Reality is…


…I am Human (sometimes). Sh*t happens. Enough said.

…My experience is Mine. It is viewed through eyes that have cried, expressed joy, and witnessed things that will never be erased from my memory.

…Pain and Understanding = V.I.P. Access. Yep, My flyer miles are high. This heart of mine has been Punted into Oblivion many times…and Still I am captivated by others. And I love with a fierceness. If I could turn it off on occasion, I would. But it seems, I can’t quite reach the button. 

…Fear (for me) means not being able to protect the ones I love from the f*ckery the world can serve. Chilled. But, no there is no way to control it all. Frustrates Me..and Fuels Me too. Sigh. *pushes on and prayers up* 

..It would be a blessing to have HIM in my life. Sometimes I share too much, and move too fast. Regret isn’t apart of that recipe because I fully grasp, and enjoy every ounce..every moment, with HIM. I’ve stopped stressing the uncertainty of it all. May we each find, and love without fear that which we seek in this lifetime. 

…Panties are still Overrated. 

…Continuous gossiping and speaking negatively about others will result in an unapologetic removal from my life. The negative vibes are smothering. Keep it constructive, if it is criticism. Goal = Improve The Outcome

…I miss my family/friends. A LOT. They are spread out all over the place, and I still crave seeing them everyday…well, every other day. 🙂 I value solitude/silence as well (self-care/recharge). 

…Books!!! Love ’em, especially Free ones. Any suggestions?! 

..I love seeing people progress. I love empowering others. I love LOVE. 🙂 I love seeing the beauty in horrible situations. Keep smiling you all and enhancing the life of others. 

This post is sponsored by my self created Chill Mode Playlist, and this Over Creamed Coffee I am sipping, and you awesome readers. 

If you are interested in the Playlist, Here it is. If not, stop here. Enjoy your day/night. 

~ Can I ~ Aliana Baraz & Galimatias 

~ Elusive ~ Lianne La Havas 

~The Rain Don’t Last ~ Hope

~ Show Me ~ Aliana Baraz & Galimatias 

~ In Love With You ~ Erykah Badu

~ Like A Star ~ Corinne Bailey Rae

~ One Time ~ Marian Hill

~ Alone Together ~ Daley

~ Here ~ Alessia Cara

~ Wake Up Alone ~ Amy Winehouse

~ You’re Gonna Leave (Acoustic) ~ Stephen Marley

~ Beautiful ~ India Arie

~ Smiling ~ Victoria White

~ Don’t Wake Me Up ~ Lianne La Havas

Hey, I warned you that it was a chill mode playlist.

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