present but still random 

4:46 am.. The early a.m. rumblings of a garbage truck can be heard in the distance. Quickly, I’m reminded that the humans are stirring and maybe, just maybe, I should get some rest. 6 am becomes my lucky number to shut it down. 
Hours have passed, and the candle still burns. My mental still churns for more… Perfect lyrics of an internal forecast…the perfect scene of love and tranquility by the author that had salt in my hair.. Until that dang garbage truck snapped me back into reality. 
And then, something flitters by. Zip. Dash. And it stops and stares me square in the eyes.. Thoughts of him and how much I adore him. Yep, screech. Time to lay this party down for a nap because Sleep may only occur as part of a study if I allow that feeling to fully take over. 
You know what?! I’m grateful. Happy to be able to love, to laugh, to feel, and to process the world around me. Daily I’m making choices not to be cynical when dealing with obstacles. My kids are life. Everything may not be in order but it still gives me joy, hope, and optimism to make the most of each day. With an overflowing heart and exercised mind, I wrap this up. 


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