….3: 35 am thoughts …

Curious as to what the future will present

It would be lovely if I could give you the same peace

that you bestow upon me..effortlessly

Not sure why we connected at this point

Both broken in areas that need mending

Traveling similar, yet personal roads and pursuing the best

Understanding love and the sacredness that it possesses

One ankle chained to fear while the other will take the risk

Even if it results in more injury

Not sure of what the Present will look like in the future

It doesn’t matter

Because I can only be me

And that is priceless

Just like you

Whether this results in pain, a lesson, or a blessing

I am an active participant

I have to admit

It is hard to suppress the love I have for you

You think others can see it ๐Ÿ™‚

*just writing and feeling* 3:40 am

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