Writing cause I can ….

I’ve grown so much in life but I still have battles with being stubborn..

Experiences have taught me that I do not owe an explanation, nor can I be forced into doing anything that I do not want to do.

If I suck it up, then it was a choice that I made on my own.

This doesn’t flow well with many people. It seems I’ve grown tired of feeling uncomfortable within someone else’s comfort.

The energy it requires is not the area in which I choose to expend it.

So, Stubborn is the title I hear..Yet somehow Loyal finds its way into the same sentence. Meh!

There are many areas in which I seek to grow.

Sometimes I want to touch an arm, and view myself from that person’s perspective…just to see if they see me the same way I see. Now that had a Dr. Seuss flow huh.

Anyway, just thinking and seeking discernment, direction, and growth.

Cheers to those on the Pursuit as well.

2 thoughts on “Writing cause I can ….

  1. Good read. I don’t consider you stubborn…just strong willed. I admire that about you. You are who you are and no one else can change that!!!

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