No rules writing …take that. Rebel

Have you ever had one of those moments when you wanted to write but

Flatline ___^__^_____ almost got a pulse but ..nothing

The urge is there but the focus or the topic just won’t come

and remain grounded while the thought progresses into something coherent

something beautiful

something worth sharing

So the cloud of frustration looms overhead and now

my hair is wet

Not a good look nor a good start

Soggy paper, and a pen that won’t write

Wet Hair and A thunderstorm you can’t shield yourself from

Lightbulb! Let me think of something Sunny

Like the windshield I can’t see out of because the sun is beaming

And I am sweating from this Texas Heat

Drinking up Optimistic Thoughts to Stay Quenched and Away from internal drought

Oh wow there is a rainbow

Or is that a pack of scattered skittles

Either way I am not biting the bait

This is a trap. You know, one of those stream of conscious writes to a timer

My time is up

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