Godd@mn You, Defeated Thinking Grrrrrr

Feeling Defeated and Second guessing your Significance is an (insert colorful word of choice.)

Inhale. Exhale.

This Can Not and Will Not Win!

*applies black paint underneath eyes*

Let me be my Own Cheerleader for a moment.

Girl, Stop moping and Get Off that bench of Frustration Fueled Thinking.

YOU can turn this Situation around.

That “injury” will Heal. It is only Temporary.

HERE, Drink some Inspiration Water.

You haven’t been beaten unless YOU Quit!

And, Quitting is Not in You.

I Know this because YOU Would Not Be Right Here, Right Now, Refueling!

Of course, There is No Easy button to fix Life’s Problems.

However, You have All the Equipment/Resources that YOU need.

So Get Off This Bench!

Rethink and Review Your Game Plan.

Now Get Up and Go Kick Defeated Thinking’s A$$.


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