Magnetic Reflections

Thoughts of X were once again on my mind…

Let me write to release this….

Let me jot down the ways ….

  • Confident and Content

  • Peaceful Energy

  • Critical Thinker with a Heart of Gold 

  • Strong Moral and Ethical Meter 

  • Believes there is good in others 

  • Disciplined, Calming, and Positive 

  • Extremely Sexy and Satisfying 

  • Sure in Speech, and Unafraid to Apologize

  • Complete, even while Progressing on a turbulent road of life

  • Disciplined, Compassionate, and Loving

And then a lightbulb came on inside of my dome …

There is nothing like being yourself, and being accepted for who you are.  Flaws and all. It feels lovely knowing someone loves you that much more, because you are confidently walking in your truth. It takes a lot to be Present in the Moment, and truly appreciate every second of it.

Also, it is truly a blessing to attract, as well as give off the same things that make a person shine within your life. Take a moment. Are you reflecting that which you appreciate/value in others?

6 thoughts on “Magnetic Reflections

  1. Yassssss girl!!!! You must first love yourself…flaws and all…embrace yourself…be confident …..before someone else does!!!! They must see that within you

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