Happy Father’s Day Sunshine

Although, he is not my father, I see his worth. PRICELESS.
A blessing to behold. I think of the two bright faces that gaze into his heart and smile, not fully understanding the weight of his role. He guides them with Patience, Love, Compassion, and Understanding…laying the foundation bricks of their futures. When the pint-sized vessels gaze up, they see a superhero, the one and only Dad. “Daddy” they sing whenever he is near, or far. The Divine knew exactly what he was doing when he gifted him with the title “Dad/Father.” Sometimes the greatest gift from the Divine comes to your life as your father. Sometimes I wish there was more I could do to show him how priceless he truly is.
Sending you love Sunshine…
To a wonderful father, Happy Father’s Day!!!!
Disclaimer: There are so many wonderful people in this world who execute their position as a dad/father with ease, and with precision. I truly can’t describe the joy I feel when my friend talks about his kids. I can hear the joy and love just oozing from his soul. Salute to him and all the great Father’s out there. I appreciate you.

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